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Our Student Council


The Telford Park School is proud to have our very own Student Council.  This council is the link between the general student cohort and the Senior Leadership Team, and their aim to help with suggestions from their peers to make their great school an even better one.  Below is a list of the current student council members.

Synergy – Thursday Tutor Time

Invictus – Friday Tutor Time

SY1 = Ryan Phillips (AWI)

IN1 = Jerry-Lee Jones (GCH)

SY2 = Ashleigh Chambers (LCU)

IN2 = Mason Green (RWI)

SY3 = Poppy Ferme (PHI)

IN3 = Daniel Bearwood (EAN)

SY4 = Cassandra Boadu (LOR)

IN4 = Reece Williams (RWC)

SY5 = Taya Bedford (NRO)

IN5 = Shenaz Sahota  (RPH)

SY6 = Ethan Manupe (JKE/RLE)

IN6 = Tom Pickard (BPE / MOT)

SY7 = Harrison Banks (JNL)

IN7 = Ella Hensley (KSM)

SY8 = Jenson Baynes (JWR)

IN8 = Robyn Jones  (HNE)

Head Boy – Brandon Haigh

Head Boy – Robin Singh

Head Girl – Leah Sahota

Head Girl – Georgina Andrews