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Reader Leader Published 20/11/2017


Here are our current Reader Leader positions and there are some exceptional average percentage accuracy figures.  Every single class has above 85% for the first time this academic year!  So proud of you.

Three classes are on track to achieve Master Class at this stage – 8READ1, 8READ2 and 8READ4.

There are in addition to this three classes where not one student has a percentage accuracy below 85% - 7READ4, 7READ5 and 8READ2.

We remain on course to achieve Master School in March as we have an overall school % accuracy of 92.2% and 88% of students are above 85%, we just need to get that engaged daily reading time above 25 minutes as it is currently at 20 minutes per day.

Students with the highest number of words read are

EM – 1,552,797

RJ – 631,667

ZDH – 346,893

A reminder that all KS3 students must have a book with them every day.  It is their responsibility to ensure they have a book and bring it to school.

Also, Home Connect homework has now started to be issued and will need completing in collaboration with Parents and Carers, then signed and returned back to school.  Copies are available on the school website in the Students section.