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Science News


This week year 7 had their second opportunity to work with a visitor from the ‘Let’s Think’ secondary science team. They had to work in groups to identify and solve variables and relationships in a range of situations.

The Let’s Think approach raises the intelligence of pupils by improving their thinking processes. It focuses on questioning, collaborative work, problem solving, independent learning, metacognition and challenge. Extensive research in many countries has proved that it raises attainment and progress for pupils of all abilities.

Their next session will take place in class later on this month.

Do you want to win a share of £1000? Just for throwing a tennis ball?

Ok, it won’t be quite that simple. We are looking for teams to enter a “Tennis Ball Launcher” competition. All you have to do is help design and build a machine to throw a tennis ball further than the other schools in the area. This will also involve a day out to take part in the competition and a free lunch!!

Mark Stone from Perkins Engines will be coming in to introduce the challenge on Tuesday 15th March at 2:35.

If you think you might be interested (no commitment required) then come along to Mrs Martin’s room on Tuesday.