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Surprise Presentation for Accelerated Reader


17 of our Key Stage Three Students received a lovely surprise at the beginning of Lesson Five on Thursday 12th May.

Unbeknownst to them Ms Foley had organised a surprise Afternoon tea with their Parent, Carers and Mrs Rigby to celebrate their achievements with Accelerated Reader.

The qualifying criteria was any student that had read five or more books and maintained an accuracy quiz rate of 85% and above.

The students were collected from their classrooms by Mr Williams and Ms Bradnick who managed to convince them they had done nothing wrong (sterling job there, thank you Mr w and Ms B) and they were in for a lovely treat. Not only everyone was waiting but the Year 11s inspirational and innovative Art coursework had been proudly displayed by Ms Metcalfe and Ms Donovan.

All the students were presented with achievement certificates and posed for photographs with Mrs Rigby and Ms Foley.

Mrs Rigby praised the students for their achievement, hard work and resilience in achieving such excellent results, acknowledging the commitment they had made to raising their levels and embracing the school’s drive to embrace a reading culture.

Refreshments with biscuits and cakes were heartedly devoured (thanks to Ms France in Finance for providing) and everyone had an opportunity to mingle and take in the Year 11’s Art.

To the students who did not make it this time…continue reading, achieve your target of 85% and above and you too will be recognise.

Ms Foley has set herself the minimum target of 50 students recognised for the next event – do not let her down!

The students recognised were:-

Mulhim Eltaib

Ethan Meredith

Abigail Adams

Cassandra Boadu

Dylan Cook

Nikita Jones

Ethan Relf

Mia Taylor

Lewis Gibbins

Chloe Holloway

Courtney Lane

Rhys Naylor

Joe Nurse

Stacey Karlafti

Kyran Meredith

Tye Humphries

Ryan Powell-Evans