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Parents evenings

The Telford Park School aims to make the process of booking your slot to see a teacher easier and more efficient.  The idea of this is to ensure that all parents and carers have the opportunity to see the members of staff they need to. 

Given the current restrictions in place due to Covid 19, all appointments will be carried out online rather than in person. Information regarding this will be given at the time of booking but will be accessible via a computer, tablet or mobile phone. If you have issues accessing any of these we may be able to arrange an alternative. e.g. a telephone appointment. 

To book your appointment with your child's teacher please click on this link 

If you need any help or further information on how to use this service please open the user guide below and use the contact name and phone number within that document. 

If you wish to contact the school about the dates below or have any other queries regarding our Parent Consultation Evenings please email us by clicking here. 


Parent Consultation Times & Dates

Wednesday 10 November 2021      4pm – 6pm                Year 7 Settling In (Tutors & Head Of Year)

Wednesday 12 January 2022           4pm – 7pm                Year 11

Wednesday 23 March 2022             6pm – 8pm                Year 9 (Options Evening)

Wednesday 4 May 2022                   4pm – 7pm                Year 8

Wenesday 22nd June 2022             4pm – 7pm                Year 9

Wednesday 13 July 2022                  4pm – 7pm                Year 10