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KS3 Curriculum Content - Computing

Year 7

 E-Safety, Kodu coding, Spreadsheet Modelling, Algorithms (flowol), Microbit (Block coding & Touch Develop),  Website Development (HTML & CSS).

Year 8

App design , Graphical & Animation, Introduction to Computer Science, Scratch programming, Python programming.

Year 9

Algorithms, Advanced Python programming, Extended Python Project, Data representation / Computational Logic.

KS4 Course Content – (GCSE Computer Science)

Year 10

 Systems Architecture, Memory, Storage, Wired & Wireless Networks, Network topologies & Protocols,  Systems Security, System Software,  Ethical, Legal, Cultural & Environmental, Algorithms, Robust programming, Computational Logic

Year 11

Translators & facilities of Language, Programming Techniques, Computer Science NEA, Revisions

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