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Performing Arts (music and drama)



Park: Performing Arts

KS3 Curriculum Content

Year 7

Oliver!, Time in A Bottle, Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Year 8

Grease the musical, Private Peaceful, Shakespeare’s The Tempest

Year 9

WW1 project, Blood Brothers, Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet

KS4 Course Content – Pearson BTEC Performing Arts (Acting)

Year 10

Unit 2 – Assignment Blood Brothers, Unit 3 Acting Skills – Shakespeare for Kids

Year 11

Unit 1 Showcase

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Pearson BTEC Performing Arts (Acting)

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Performing Arts is part of the Expressive Arts faculty.

Performing Arts is introduced to pupils in year 7 at Telford Park School. The aim during the first term is for pupils to become confident with this new art form containing drama, singing and movement. 

Pupils also have opportunity to operate the sound desk and lighting equipment and all are encouraged to take part in the school productions.  Through our lessons as well as learning drama techniques we focus on various issues and explore them using the art form.  When planning schemes of work there are three modes of activity:

CREATING - researching, discussing, questioning, thinking, sharing and shaping, experimenting.

PERFORMING - imparting meaning to an audience through a physical form.

RESPONDING - expressing an understanding of what the drama is saying and how it is saying it using the mediums of drama, singing and movement.

The Performing Arts curriculum is planned to provide students with the chance of reaching their maximum potential in all three areas.  An holistic approach to planning and teaching Performing Arts is one that takes account of the many facets of the art form and seeks to foster an understanding and appreciation of the way they work together to create unique experiences.


Year 7 will seek to create, perform and evaluate excerpts from Oliver!, Time in a Bottle, and Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Year 8 will seek to create, perform and evaluate excerpts from Grease, Private Peaceful and Shakespeare’s Tempest.

Y9 will seek to create, perform and evaluate excerpts from WW1 stimuli, Blood Brothers and Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.

KS4 students follow Edexcel’s BTEC Performing Arts (Acting) which is currently made up of 3 Units. It is mostly a practical course exploring plays, themes and issues, evaluating a live theatre performance and either being an actor in a short play or providing performance support.

As a faculty we offer extra-curricular activities. The winter production – Grease the Musical and in summer, a production of Romeo & Juliet. Both of these enhance the curriculum in Year 8 and Year 9 and allow performance opportunities for KS4 students.

Steel Pan Band lessons are offered on Wednesday and Thursday after school with Mr Cosco.

If you would like your child to study a musical instrument, please see Mr Cosco to arrange an appointment to discuss this.