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Curriculum Intent

Music is an extensive curriculum whereby we aim to stimulate and engage all learners; Music is not just about being able to play an instrument or sing, it is about encouraging students to consider the purpose and benefits of Music within our society. 

Music enables learners to gain an appreciation of a wide variety of styles and genres as well as to learn about music from a range of historical periods and musicians. Music, and especially lyrics within songs, can promote thought and consideration about creative intentions. Students will be encouraged to be creative and to devise their own compositions and will simultaneously increase and develop their social skills and confidence in performing and presenting themselves.

Being able to understand the role of music within our world fosters a greater perception and empathy for the types of music used in society, for example, Television and Radio adverts, film and popular music and will aid an appreciation for various cultures through the study of different world music. Being able to utilise the power of music for communication and the principles of well-being will also develop a more all-rounded individual.

We are committed to providing a Music curriculum that supports the development of the whole individual, from skills in creativity and confidence in performance, to possessing a sound knowledge of the cultural traditions of music and the purpose of music within our modern world.