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Physical Education Curriculum Intent

PE at Telford Park will follow the National Curriculum to provide a broad range of opportunities for all pupils to become physically literate in a way which supports their health and fitness by developing their physical skills, decision-making and invaluable knowledge which will lead to developing lifelong mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing and a love and commitment for physical activity. We will promote enjoyment in physical activity to give our students the confidence to create life-long physical activity habits.

We aim to focus on securing a love for activity in year 7 which students can then transfer across a range of sports and activities. Key knowledge and skills will be introduced and sequenced to develop into year 8 and 9. Year 8 will introduce more advanced skills, techniques and further opportunities for leadership, officiating and decision-making. Year 9 will further develop into more advanced skills and decision-making in a range of activities. Year 10 and 11 will allow opportunities for students to choose pathways in activities that they have developed a passion for to further improve their skills and knowledge. 

Invaluable knowledge relating both to specific sports and health & fitness will be developed, understood and then maintained from years 7 -11 to enable students to understand how to develop all areas of their fitness, which are necessary to develop their physical skills. This knowledge will be used as everyday language within lessons. 

Students will be given opportunities and encouraged to work with their peers to develop trust, team work and respond to their strengths and weaknesses, developing skills ready for working life. We expect students to demonstrate sportsmanship and abiding by rules and being humble in victory and gracious in defeat. 

Our extra-curricular programme is open to all our students to attend on a competitive and social basis, which is run throughout the academic year and for those wishing to play competitively have further opportunities to represent the school locally, regionally and nationally in various sporting activities. We run a half termly inter house competition for  range of activities and sports to offer the opportunity for all to compete.
By the time a student leaves our school, we expect them to have an understanding of how to lead a healthy, active lifestyle and have developed an interest in at least 1 activity or sport which they can develop during their life after school.